Henry Fryer
Psychotherapy & counselling in central south Hampshire

About Henry Fryer

I went from a state Grammar School to read English at Cambridge in the mid-sixties. After a short spell in California, where I married, I worked in the British book publishing industry for twenty years. During this period, I moved to Hampshire where my eldest son and daughter were born, and I have lived in this area ever since.

A work-related crisis sparked my interest in therapy: I had a desire to explore how my life no longer satisfied me, and how my chosen career path was not leading me to fulfillment.

I then worked as a writer and researcher in the petrochemical industry, while training in a humanistic and integrative style of therapy: this embraced Person-Centred and Family therapies, Transactional Analysis, formative (somatic) psychology, and, most importantly, Gestalt psychology.

Since 2000 I've worked solely as a therapist: in a G.P. surgery; in an employee assistance department of a major multinational financial institution; and as a counsellor of staff and students at the University of Southampton (where I had also taught counselling skills and theory); also in private practice.

I have worked extensively with bereavement issues, including with children and with clients bereaved by a suicide.

I'm deeply interested in men's development.

Continuous professional development has led me into a relational gestalt therapeutic style. This means that we work together in the here-and-now of our therapeutic relationship. (See 'How I work'.) I work with both individuals and couples.

I have trained with the Centre for Supervision and Team Development as a supervisor, and offer individual and group clinical supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists.

I have trained in Mindfulness teaching with The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University. (I will make further announcements about teaching mindfulness.)

I'm the parent of three adult children and an eleven-year old son; I also have two grandchildren. When not otherwise engaged, I listen to music, classical and opera, go walking and cycling, cook, write, read books and watch little television. I have been known to bring my sense of humour into my work, although the jury is still out on its therapeutic benefits to my clients.