Henry Fryer
Psychotherapy & counselling in central south Hampshire

Henry Fryer M.A.(Cantab.)

UKAHPP Registered Counsellor, UKCP registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Certificate in Supervision (CSTD)

I'm a humanistic practitioner of psychotherapy and counselling.

Counselling is often shorter-term (say 6 - 12 sessions) concerned mainly with a specific issue - for example, difficulties in a relationship, such as that with a partner.

Psychotherapy is usually longer-term (several months or more). This allows us to work more deeply with underlying processes, and how they originated historically: for example, how we learned in earlier years to form and manage relationships.

The humanistic approach values the uniqueness of the individual in all her variety. Humanistic practitioners endeavour to work with the whole person - the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the personality.

I share the humanistic belief that each of us possesses an inner drive towards wholeness and health. Therapy can help free up the blockages that have frustrated this drive.

There does not have to be a clear specific issue to make coming into therapy worthwhile. Often the starting place for our work is an indefinable sense of unhappiness - of things not being quite right, and that life is not satisfying.

I offer help with issues including (but not limited to) anger management, anxiety, bereavement, couples relationships, depression, family issues, gender identity, panic attacks, relationships, stress, trauma, and work issues.